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learning a little bit every day…

My dad preached a sermon once in which he said that everything in life is either a lesson from God or a blessing from Him (or both). It is a piece of wisdom that has always rung true for me. Since my baby girl has entered my life I have been amazingly blessed, but I have also had God kick me in the pants quite a bit, with the biggest issue being my need for control.

I am a planner. I married a fellow planner. We have a 5 year plan, we follow a strict financial plan (you should see my spreadsheets-, we love calendars and lists, and our vacations come with a “clip board of fun” that would make Danny Tanner smile*.

This week I came to realize God gave me this amazing kid who has not followed any of the baby books, who is forever keeping me on my toes, and has made life especially difficult to plan for to teach me a lesson. I can keep making all the plans I want, but He is the one who decides how things are really going to go down. Somedays that is a difficult pill for me to swallow. But, ultimately, a lesson I need to learn and I am trying my best to go with the flow and wait for Him to unveil the plan (thankfully He hasn’t told me to get rid of my spreadsheets-I don’t think I could cope!).

So here’s to a life of lessons and blessing and learning a bit more of the plan each day.

*obscure Full House reference


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